Hedge Cutting

Hedge cutting comes in many sizes
Kildare Landscape has the machinery expertise and manpower to do any size hedge cutting.

Hedge Pruning

If you have an over-grown hedge of any size we can get them into shape. By reducing the height, width or just clipping we will create a neat and tidy form.

Stump Removal

One of the most effective methods of stump removal. Is Stump Grinding then be back-filled with top soil to allow replacement of turf or hard landscaping.


From one specimen tree or a whole woodland, we offer a comprehensive planting service. Kildare Landscapes can assist you with selection, advise upon suitability of species for soil conditions and location and supply and plant trees of all sizes.

On request we can source most trees, regardless of size.

Root Pruning

Occasionally, tree roots can damage footpaths and pavements. In these cases we can prune the roots. However, if root pruning is likely to threaten the tree’s health or stability, felling may be the only alternative

Tree Lights / Tree Illumination

Spot lighting a single or group of trees will enhance a trees shape and silhouette at night and give your garden a certain soft relaxed atmosphere.