Timber post and rail fencing is one of the most attractive and effective fences you can put on your property. We at Kildare LandscapesĀ insist that all timber post and rail fencesĀ is treated with coal tar creosote under pressure or with Tanalith to RC 25 specification to ensure a long service life. Our post and rail fencing is manufactured using only Pine (Redwood), Larch or Douglas Fir timber to further ensure a long service life.

Most commonly used on stud farms, along driveways and along the side of motorways.

Can be fitted using 3 or 4 rails and if required chain-link or mesh wire can be fitted.

Usually fitted approx. 1.2mt high, using 150x75mm posts at 2.4 m centers, and 100x44mm rails. However, this can of course vary depending on job requirements.

Post lengths will depend on soil conditions.

We can also supply Gates to compliment your Stud Rail Fencing.